The Knick : Plein d'affiches pour la série
The Knick

With most of my friends, we are getting closer to thirty. 

At a Parisian night, we talked about new US series.

This is always the time to glean new names to watch. One of my friend told me about three shows and now I will talk to you about one of them : The knick

The story is in 1900 in a new yorker hospital. here is the trailer:

Very disturbing, I have always been very interested by this period : very paradoxical, esthetic, dark. I remember perfectly a 1900 exposition in Paris at the petit Palais which was amazing.

This show is upsetting by all the details about that time it shows. All those details which strike us today because of the fact that our life changed so much and this is why this show so fascinating. It is this everyday life which strikes strongly our imagination.

A must see for the curious and the ones who like Clive Owen.


Electric Tango dances on le Vieux Port ( Marseille)


Last Friday was the 20th festival of Marseille danse et arts multiples.

We falled on it by surprise after eating a burger at LE BON BURGER.

There was a crazy feeling, mix of tourist,  local people, dancers, and others. It was a great night completely original, full of energy, joy with a special big up to Otros Aires who impress us in a wonderful place : le Vieux Port de Marseille.

Here is an extract of the show:



Olive oil marinated eggplant



Today I am back with a recipe from the mother of my boyfriend : olive oil marinated eggplant. I think this recipe is very from the mediterranean kitchen.

We can make so many different recipes thanks to this recipe such as:

  • Put in on some bread
  • eat it with a salad
  • Do an antipasti…

Here is the recipe:


  • Eggplants
  • Olive oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • salt, peper and thyme


1- We cut eggplants finely in lengthwise.


2- We put eggplants in a dish which closes, we add some salt, the pepper, and we emerge eggplants in some olive oil (70 %) and in some sunflower oil (30 %)

3- We add the thyme and then we close the dish and let it in a dry place for 2 days. Every day, we come and turn eggplants, verify that is all good…


4- We drain eggplants and put them in a dish which goes to the oven and we cook during 15 min on each side. And it is ready!

This time I prepared eggplants and make a recipe with a mix of whole wheat pastas, cherry tomatoes, pesto and marinated eggplants, miammiam.


Bon appétit 😉 Do not hesitate to post me your recipes on Facebook 😉


Le bon burger ( Burger in Marseille)

La devanture du Bon Burger


Last friday we went to Le Bon Burger to test. This is a burger address in Marseille I found reading  Fastandfood website- I found it by taping on google ” best burger in Marseille”.

The week before we went to Banquet’s Burger : very good french fries, nice bread, good meat but I am not kind of barbecue sauce in my burger.

Back to Le Bon Burger, nice address, place, kind people ( close to the Vieux port  which becoming more and more attractive ).

Photo du bon burger tradi

Let’s talk about the burger: after waiting a bit, it comes and I am a bit reserved. I think all the ingredients are good separately but together to me it did not worked that well. I did not really like the sauce, I missed the cheddar ( Is it in the sauce? ) and I am definitely not a huge fan of potatoes. I prefer the french fries which are more crunchy whereas the texture of a burger is looser

Nevertheless, we spent a good evening in a very nice place 😉

To be continued !