George Harrison: Living in the Material World

George Harrison

Ok on that I am a step behind the rest of the world but lately I watched TV and saw this excellent movie of Martin Scorsese about George Harrison ( one of the Beatles)

This movie achieves to make us revive this 60’s period as if we were there. Very inspiring

I also wanted to add one of my favorite songs of The Beatles written by George Harrison. The original version is really top also but unavailable on the Internet, if interested, go to buy the official CD – my favorite is the blue album.

ANANANANNAS ( pineapple)

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Ok I get something special with pineapples mainly due to this pic on that website:

I am cray about pineapples, here is a selection of objects relating to this theme:


1- Ananas Vintage Watch from 10northcreative on Etsy more info : ici

2- Pineapple headband from LyleeRose on Etsy more info :  ici

3- Pineapples earrings on more info:  ici

4- Skinnydip Pineapple iPhone 6 Plus Case from Urban outfitters more info: ici

5- PINEAPPLE (SORBET) wallpaper from RIFLE PAPER CO more info:  ici

6- Iphone and Samsung cases from fieldtrip on Etsy more info:  ici

7- Pineapple vase – Nice idea of DIY for a party more info:  ici

8-  Pillowcase from Society6 more info:  ici

9- Pineapple Crop Top from TeezusApparel on Etsy more info: ici

Have a nice pineapple day 😉


The Knick : Plein d'affiches pour la série
The Knick

With most of my friends, we are getting closer to thirty. 

At a Parisian night, we talked about new US series.

This is always the time to glean new names to watch. One of my friend told me about three shows and now I will talk to you about one of them : The knick

The story is in 1900 in a new yorker hospital. here is the trailer:

Very disturbing, I have always been very interested by this period : very paradoxical, esthetic, dark. I remember perfectly a 1900 exposition in Paris at the petit Palais which was amazing.

This show is upsetting by all the details about that time it shows. All those details which strike us today because of the fact that our life changed so much and this is why this show so fascinating. It is this everyday life which strikes strongly our imagination.

A must see for the curious and the ones who like Clive Owen.