Dr Bronner’s ( a little trick at the end)



For a year, I have used Dr.Bronner’s castille soap because I was searching for new shower soaps for my dry skin. Now I am into ZERO WASTE HOME member so I won’t buy them anymore due to the plastic bottle but here are some uses I made of those products mainly based on the scents and essential oils.

Really famous in the U.S., those soaps have a really clean composition and are made with mainly natural ingredients. You can use those soaps with for so many occasions ( a lot of uses are written on the bottle)… As you can see on the picture, there are many sizes.

Here is some other examples of uses:

As a cleaner for the hair

To wash my hair, I use the Dr Bronner’s Organic Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap ( the dark blue one)
I like the fresh mint on my scalp and the smell too. Be careful to not put some on your eues because it can make your eyes sting.

I did not used this one yet : Dr Bronner’s Organic tea tree Castile Liquid Soap ( the orange one)
I think I may use it for washing my hair too.

Dr Bronner’s Pepermint 472ml and Tea tree 236ml castille soap

As a body cleaner

To wash my body, I use the Dr Bronner’s Organic Lavender Castile Liquid Soap ( the purple one)
This one is my favorite because I love lavender so much  ( #ILOVEPROVENCE) ; ok so no secrets here.
I like the smell under the shower.
When I am on travel, I like the small size of Dr Bronner’s Organic green tea Castile Liquid Soap ( the green one)
—-> As I told you before, I won’t use them anymore due to the plastic bottle. 

Dr Bronner’s Lavender 472 ml and Green tea 236ml castille soap

As a face cleaner

Dr Bronner’s unscented castille soap- 236ml avec un bouchon de Shea moisture

To wash my face, I like using the Dr Bronner’s Organic baby cast Castile Liquid Soap ( the light blue one) because this is the only product of the soap line which does not contain essential oils.

As an house cleaner

I do not like the smell of this one on me but I use it as an house cleaner:  Dr Bronner’s Organic Citrus Castile Liquid Soap ( the yellow one

thumb_IMG_2189_1024 2
Dr Bronner’s Organic Citrus Castile Liquid Soap 236 ml

So for the trick, It is useful if you use shea moisture products.
The push button of their conditionner is  compatible with the versions of 236mL of Dr Bronner’s.

And you, do you use some of them? Do you have a special recipe?


Le Castellet



I was not able to post last Tuesday as usual, I spent last week in Paris. I will do an article as ” My week in pics” about it. I will keep you posted…

For now, here is the article about le Castellet, I talked about it in the previous episode of My week in pics #2.
I can tell you we liked le Castellet. It is a little town with many shops but with a good selection of products from”Provence”. Half a day is enough for the visit, we only spent the afternoon there. Going for a walk, eating an ice cream or a crêpe( french pancake), discovering unusual or local objects!

Here are some pics:

less_IMG_2103_1024 less_IMG_2105_1024 less_IMG_2108_1024 less_IMG_2121_1024 less_IMG_2125_1024

We falled in love with this shop:

less_IMG_2116_1024 less_IMG_2117_1024

I could not take pictures in the shop but there are candles from secret d’apothicaire, drawn birds on lampshades, bowls with drawn octopuses, paintings with heads of animals on man’s bodies…funny and weird at the same time…
Do not miss it :)


Mes 3 recettes préférées de troisfoisparjour


Il y a quelques semaines j’ai découvert un blog de cuisine fantastique.
Il s’agit de troisfoisparjour.

Voici une sélection de mes trois recettes préférées:


Potée de haricots L

Je l’ai testé en remplaçant la bette à carde par des pommes de terre. Je n’avais que ça sous la main. J’ai également remplacé le romarin par du thym. Un vrai délice 😉


Tartines-crabe-et-guacamole L

J’adore le crabe et l’avocat 😉



Il faut absolument que je la teste celle-ci 😉